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Camino de Santiago


Camino Downunder is committed to educating a wide audience about all facets of the pilgrimage routes of France and Spain: les Chemins de "St-Jacques-de-Compostelle" and los Caminos de Santiago by presenting formal classes and workshops in Australia and New Zealand to improve participants’ walking experiences and outcomes as pilgrims.
Camino Downunder researches, produces and markets both printed and digital resources to support 21st century independent pilgrim walkers undertaking these tracks, and is focused on increasing its original and innovative product range.


Camino Downunder’s VISION is to make significant, long lasting and positive differences to each person’s pilgrimage experiences; either by using its products and/or attending face-to-face classes, which are informed by ongoing research and good pedagogical principles. Camino Downunder supports and assists disabled people with their carers in Australia and New Zealand wishing to physically connect with Western European pilgrimage routes.

• Understanding Spain’s heritage and traditions going back to the Middle Ages;
• Acknowledging the historical role Spain’s three cultures had on pilgrimage;
• Distinguishing between fact and legend;
• Integrity and non-discrimination in all its endeavours;
• Cooperating and collaborating with world-wide institutions and organisations who support pilgrimage;
• Promoting lifetime study and respect for all languages: however focusing on French and Spanish;
• Using modern pedagogical practices when teaching about the Camino and
• Having empathy and understanding for the independent pilgrim.

What's new?

Next class and workshop is in Sydney's CBD, on Saturday February 8, click here

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Using the Spanish language for independent pilgrim walkers from English speaking countries.

In April, 2014 a new Spanish language text by Marc Grossman will be released in Camino Downunder's ONLINE SHOP in both print and digital format for all mobile devices.

New dates for Camino Downunder classes and workshops in 2014 for Auckland (New Zealand), Melbourne and Sydney (Australia) have now been confirmed. If you wish to be a successful, happy and independent pilgrim, attending and participating one of these practical courses is a must and a wise investment in achieving all your expectations and more. No participant at any of these Camino Downunder classes and workshops has ever left underwhelmed or disappointed. Click here

SPECIAL OFFER For a limited time only: if you purchase any two products you will be given a much sought after complimentary Camino Downunder material badge.

New Sixth Edition of "The guide for the Spanish Camino - Walking the Camino Francés as a 21st century pilgrim" is now available from August 1, 2013 in the shopping trolley. It has been revised and updated for 2013 - 2014. The price remains the same.

Camino de Santiago Wall Map on Zoomify viewer

Camino de Santiago Wall Map can now be viewed up close and in high resolution on Zoomify via the Geographx website, here.

With this Zoomify program, be like one of the magnificent Peregrine Falcons that fly over the Camino de Santiago track, crossing the Pyrenees between France and Spain from August to November each year. 

This Peregrine Falcon is a magnificent bird of prey. With a wingspan of up to 120 centimetres, it is a graceful flier; languid when resting, converting itself into a dramatic dive-bomber when attacking its prey.  It also has an incredible voice and when hunting is able to dive-bomb at over 300 km per hour, making it the fastest animal on earth.

With this map, Zoomify will allow you to go in up close to the ground, very quickly and to soar back up high; thereby allowing you to have commanding views of the whole of the Camino Francés at great speeds.  Enjoy!

Camino Maps product

Camino de Santiago:
30 all-weather walking maps

These thirty maps weigh approximately 100 grams and are virtually indestructible in any weather situations. After nearly two years of research and development and road testing them in late 2009 they are now ready to be used by any pilgrim undertaking any section of the Camino Francés or the whole of it from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela.

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Or click here for where to buy in France.

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What is the Camino de Santiago?

The Camino de Santiago (Spanish) or Saint James Way (English) is a network of Christian pilgrimage routes in France and Spain which have been in existence since the ninth century. The pilgrimage route which is the focus for Camino Downunder is called the Camino Francés. In the 12th and 13th centuries Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela exploded in popularity, overtaking the other two pilgrimage routes to Rome and Jerusalem. Read more »

The Spanish pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago is known in many languages:

  • St James Way (English)
  • Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle (French)
  • Jakobsweg (German)
  • Il Cammino di Santiago di Compostela (Italian)
  • O Caminho de Santiago (Portuguese)
  • Camiño de Santiago or Ruta Xacobea (Galician)
  • Donejakue Bidea (Basque)

Camino Downunder website has its focus on the original medieval religious pilgrimage route dating back to the 10 century and called: the Camino Francés or the French Route.

THE Camino FrancÉs

To view this image correctly you need to download Adobe Flash Player

The Camino Francés (which is the oldest pilgrimage route in Spain) is called the French route precisely because at the time it came into existence, the majority of pilgrims traversing it came from France.

However, the Somport Pyrenean pass (between France and Spain) was the preferred entry point until the 12th century, when the route between Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and Roncesvalles took over in popularity because mountain banditry was better suppressed and massive new infrastructure built at Roncesvalles: the Real Colegiata including their famous pilgrim’s hostel was formally opened (consecrated) in 1219.

In the 21st century, people from around the world commence their pilgrimage at many different locations along this long route (freedom of choice), but are now no longer solely motivated to undertake it as a religious pilgrimage in the medieval traditions.

For many, they are motivated to commence this challenging journey because they want to have a unique Spanish, walking holiday. However, modern, long distance pilgrims gain a deep introspection and are changed. Along the journey, the original motivation gets modified. And serendipity plays itself out. The journey over time acts like a catalyst: it induces change.

You’ve come to the Camino Downunder website because you’re doing serious research and preparation to undertake the Camino Francés as an independent pilgrim-walker?

Camino Maps productIf yes, then read on…

To be a successfully independent pilgrim-walker along the Camino Francés when so many figuratively fall by the wayside… you should be armed with our just in time all-weather walking maps which double up as your one-stop guide with not too much information, but just the right amount, at the right time, when you so dearly need it.

These 30 all-weather maps will empower you:

  • designed solely with the pilgrim-walker in mind
  • the empathy of knowing what you will be feeling and needing
    – nothing more and nothing less
  • You will be stronger each day and more confident.

When you’ve been walking some 6, 7 or 8 hours

  • and the afternoon is wearing you down, you’ve had it and you’re sore
  • within seconds and irrespective of any weather conditions (atrocious or beautiful)
  • you will know exactly where you are and you will know which pilgrim hostel you wish to go and how much more walking you’ve got to do before getting there.

More details »

21st Century Camino de Santiago maps:
Hi-tech 3D: waterproof - washable - renewable

If you are having trouble playing the video, please click on the following link:

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