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Here are some comments Camino Downunder has received from past course participants. To find out more about upcoming Camino class/workshops click here »

“Hola Marc and Yvonne, The Camino Pilgrimage was fantastic – took 32 days.

The Camino Pilgrimage was fantastic – took 32 days.
It was more than what I expected… Your book was of great use.

The tomatoes were amazing !! As you said in your book. The figs, the pears, the apples, the quince, the figs, the walnuts, the walking was heavenly.

Met so many pilgrims – ate some great food – seriously good food.
Pilgrim vino tinto was hideous but wine from the region of Ribera del Duero was heavenly.

Pilgrim Menus were too much and it was with fries – fries – fries with everything. Menu del Dia was so much better.

The weather was heavenly – only one day of real rain – one day was an hour of sprinkles. One day of a whispering wind not a wicked wind – good day for drying the washing on the backpack.

Walked from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago – I should have continued and not stopped in Santiago. I carried my backpack the whole trip.

In saying all of the above i so loved the Camino – I had the time of my life…

Planning to do Norte Route in 2011. I am in love with Spain.

– email from Paula the Pilgrim, November 2010


Unsolicited Sydney February 2015 Workshop Testimonial:


The workshop was crammed pack full of information, practical guidance, and creative solutions to concerns and questions about the Camino. Marc’s passion for history, language, culture, helping people, and the Camino itself, makes him an ideal teacher, and the day was not only highly valuable, but extremely enjoyable as well. Yvonne’s hospitality helped create a friendly atmosphere, and her enthusiasm for the Camino made her experiences very helpful to learn from also.


Marc has designed brilliant maps of the Camino Frances, showing contours and walking distances, and his pilgrim’s guide is likewise invaluable. Marc makes himself available to all graduates of his workshop, should they have further questions before they make their pilgrimage. I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough.

– By Aprile, Sydney

“Hi Yvonne & Marc,

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic course you held in relation to the Spanish Camino which I attended earlier this year (January, 2010).

You asked what I thought of the course on the day and I said I would have to think about it, reread the book and get back to you…

I must say I enjoyed the day course.
I found it very helpful and very informative.
It was great to meet people who are passionate about going on the Camino and having been still passionate in teaching all about it and what to expect, what to take etc.

Was there anything missing that could have made the course better – no – it covered everything.
We left the room armed with more than enough information to undertake our own Camino.
In thinking I must say I would have also enjoyed a 6/8 week course – 2 hours x 1 night a week in preparation for the trip. The topics would have been history, geography, people, regional foods and wines, reasons for pilgrimage, etc etc…

I still plan to go in June 2010 but due to work commitments I might have to move that to September 2010.
Upon my return I will email you and tell you about my pilgrimage.

Thanks for your information in relation to the Camino but more so for your enthusiasm and passion when telling us about it.”

– email from Sydney course participant in 2010

“Hola Marc and Yvonne,

Thank you so much for running your workshop, just for me! You have given me confidence, so much so that I have decided on a date!

…Now that I have a time frame to work to I feel more motivated. I put my rucksack on yesterday and walked to a seaside village 13km away – no problem. I’m planning to do a long walk each Saturday plus walking the Central Otago Rail Trail (150km) at some stage.

I start Spanish classes next week – its exciting. I shall be thinking of you on your long walk …and look forward to hearing from you when you return. Adios!”

– unsolicited comments from Christchurch course participant in 2009


Here are some comments about the ‘Camino de Santiago: 30 all-weather walking maps’.
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“…today I got to see your splendid Camino maps.
The 3-D GIS aerial view is very clear, and should be easily apprehended by any hiker, even those generally unfamiliar with maps. You’ve made it easy for hikers to visualize the landscape and to picture themselves in it with some precision, which they ought to find comforting…
As a package it seems to me to work well. The size, weight, impermeability of the paper, the color – it’s easy to tell that you’ve put a lot of thought into it, and with first rate results…
All in all, ¡Enhorabuena!”
– Prof Emeritus of Spanish, David M. Gitlitz and specialist Hispanic academic, Dr Linda Kay Davidson
“Co-authors of the most quoted and used text in the English speaking world concerning the Spanish pilgrimage route from the Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela: The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago – The complete cultural handbook. And first published in 2000.”

“…a very fine contribution to the Camino. The 3D maps are so much better than the maps I used – not just in a practical way, but also in providing a sense of where you are and where you are going. The idea of plastic paper is inspired and the whole thing is very well thought out.”
– Conrad Rudolph, Professor of Medieval Art History at the University of California
Author of ‘Pilgrimage To The End Of The World – The Road to Santiago de Compostela.’

“Well the Camino was everything and more than I expected. I did have some injury down time on 2 occasions during the walk (…) Your map was very handy especially reading the mountain terrain which made it easy to know pretty much where I was….the other point was knowing very quickly the various trail options and a couple of short cuts…which came in handy.
So an excellent document…thanks.”
– Rob Riddle, Sydney, Australia
Walking the Camino Francés in April-May 2011 and using the 30 all-weather walking maps.

NB. Names have been withheld to protect privacy.